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The typical Christian church in America has a giant undeveloped “labor pool” in it’s membership. The typical Christian is unemployed as far as Christ’s standard of employment is concerned, and the typical employed Christian is often “under-employed,” spending much time and effort in activities that show very little result in reaching and building people. The typical Christian church meets Sunday by Sunday in an “auditorium” and it’s members are individual “auditors” forming part of a listening “audience.” In short, the typical church is jammed with “pew potatoes” whose only intent is to come to church, listen to the sermon, and go away, hoping that this course will help to privately smuggle their souls to Heaven and help them to have a reasonably comfortable life on the way. Any resemblance between this life and the Christian life pictured in the New Testamen is purely coincidental.

It is evident to me that we Christians must re-study the New Testament, our manual of operation, and we must force ourselves to be ruthlessly objective as we do. We must declare ourselves indepedent of tradition and find out what the New Testament tells us about ourselves and our God-given assignment.

Table of Contents

1 How Vital is Vision? (Proverbs 29:18)

2 The Commission That Determines Our Mandate (Matthew 28:18-20)

3 The Concept That Determines Our Method (Matthew 28:19)

  • a) Disciple-Making . . .
  • b) That Produces a Ministry of Multiplication

4 The Key That Hangs on the Front Door of Church History (Acts 1:1-5)

5 Essentials for Making Disciples or, The Doctor’s Cure for the Great Omission (Luke 1:1-4)

6 God’s Multiplication Table (2 Timothy 2:2)

7 The Genius of Jesus’ Strategy (1 Thessalonians 3:8)

8 How This Standard Works in a Church (Ephesians 4:7-14)

9 His Last Words, His Last Will (Acts1:8)

10 Tallyho, the Fox? Oh, Yes, that Title!

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The word “disciple” describes a learner, pupil, a student, a scholar, an intern, an apprentice, an adherent (who binds himself like adhesive tape to another, to capture his heart and his vision and to learn his expertise and his skill). In the New Testament, a disciple is a Christian-in-training, enrolled for the school of Christ, and under the tutelage of a maturing discipler. At least one text in the book of Acts indicates that a new believer in Christ was expected to become a disciple at the moment of his faith in Christ (Acts 14:21, where the word translated “taught” in the KJV is the Greek word for “discipled”).

From the moment of his conversion, the new believer is expected to maintain a student attitude throughout his remaining life on earth. Thus, his very first vocation is to “learn to learn”. It is amazing to note how many college graduates were never taught somewhere along the way how to study and how to learn. It is equally amazing to see the difference in the life of a person who knows how to study, how to learn, and how to maintain studying and learning as lifetime habbits after graduating from school (in fact, many accelerate the pace of their learning after graduation). Blessed indeed is the believer in Christ who has had a Christian discipler who has early-on introduced him to the basics of the Christian life and walk him through the learning process with a Bible, a notebook, a prayer list, and books for basic Christian reading. Hopefully, these exercises will lead him to a lifeitme vocation of learning, one of the distinctives of a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Priority of Disciple-Making

Chapter 2: The Premise of Disciple-Making

Chapter 3: The Profile of a Disciple/Discipler

Chapter 4: The Promotion of Disciple-Making

Chapter 5: The Prerequisite for Disciples and Disciple-Makers

Chapter 6: The Procedures for Disciple-Making

Chapter 7: The Proposition of Disciple-Making

Chapter 8: The Provinces of Disciple-Making

Chapter 9: The Process of Disciple-Making

Chapter 10: The Problems of Disciple-Making

Chapter 11: The Productivity of Disciple-Making

Chapter 12: The Potential of Disciple-Making

Chapter 13: The Power of Disciple-Making

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The story of the prodigal son is regarded by most as the greatest srory Jesus ever told. I would add the proviso of my own conviction-that Luke 15, the entire chapter of lost things, though seemingly made of four stories (sheep, silver coin, prodigal son and elder brother), is actually one story in which each segment of the story adds a significant and indispensable part of the whole. The last chapter in this small book is an attempt to view the parts and their integration into the whole message Jesus presented in this brilliant parable.

Table of Contents

1 The Lost Sheep Luke 15:1-7

2 The Matter of the Master’s Missing Money Luke 15:8-10

3 The Long Way Home Luke 15:11-25

4 Focusing on the Father Luke 15:20-24

5 The Elder Brother Luke 15:25-32

6 Lost Things in Luke 15 A Summary Study

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Two completely diverse worldviews have locked horns in furious battle in the philosophical world, and each of them is firm in its stance about man. The tug-of-war over man is a major battle, and much is at stake. The side which each person chooses will determine the quality of His present life and contribution as well as the destiny that is consequent to his choice. To paraphrase Jesus, “One man’s story is indelibly written on the rock, while the other is written in sand.” That which bears the stamp of God is eternal, but that which is merely man’s product will quickly dissipate on the near shore of eternity. The immediate choices that reflect the two views are crucial and the eternal destinies fashioned by them are final and forever. One is the Christian view of man and things, the other is the humanist or naturalist (atheistic) view of man and things. The Christian view will finally emerge as victor because God is its Source and Sponsor.

Table of Contents

1. The Meaning of Man Psalms 8:3-9, Hebrews 2:5-9

2. The Making of Man Genesis 1:26-27

3. The Marriage and Mating of Man Genesis 2:18-24

4. The Makeup of Man I Thessalonians 5:23

5. The Misery of Man Genesis 3:1-24

6. The Measure of Man II Corinthians 10:12, 17-18

7. The Mercy for Man Jeremiah 17:9, Colossians 2:13-15 II Corinthians 3:1-3

8. The Master for Man John 13:13

9. The Magnitude of Man Jeremiah 18:1-6

10. The Motto for Man Philippians 1:21

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – A Clean Bill of Health – Jeremiah 8:22

Chapter 2 – The Exile’s Return – II Samuel 14:14

Chapter 3 – All on the Altar – II Chronicles 29:27

Chapter 4 – Best Dressed Man in the World – Mark 14:50-52

Chapter 5 – Christ the Carpenter – Mark 6:3

Chapter 6 – Man’s Misery and God’s Mercy – Exodus 25:1-22

Chapter 7 – Seven Sneezes of Salvation – II Kings 4:8-27

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Have you ever accidentally come across a box of old letters in an attic? Multiplied millions of such letters must be stored in attics and closets around the world. I have in my library several volumes of letters written by renowned people. Some of them comprise very insightful and valuable reading to a Christian. However, none of them can match the importance of an old letter written by an old missionary nearly 2000 years ago, and kept in the old library of letters and books which we call the Bible. The old letter is a brief epistle written by the aging apostle Paul to a growing fellowship of Christian believers in the Roman colony of Philippi in what we now recognize as southern Europe. The letter to the Philippians is perhaps the greatest pastoral document ever written. Because it was written by a skilled disciple-maker, its purpose was to make and mature Christian disciples.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Living in Four Worlds

Chapter 2 Looking into the Heart of a Disciple-Maker

Chapter 3 Listening to the Prayer of a Disciple-Maker

Chapter 4 God’s Surprise Party for the Disciple-Maker

Chapter 5 A Prisoner’s Passion

Chapter 6 Christianity Condensed

Chapter 7 Earmarks of a Disciple-Maker

Chapter 8 A Disciple-Maker’s Desire for Unity

Chapter 9 From Throne to Throne by Way of the Earth

Chapter 10 Does Obedience Produce Slavery or Freedom?

Chapter 11 Timothy: A Role Model for Disciples and Disciple-Makers

Chapter 12 How Heaven Decorates Its War Heroes

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As we look through the eyes of the second greatest disciple-maker in history (Jesus being the greatest!), we see that two words dominate the book of Philippians. One is the word “Gospel”, the other is the word “joy”. Gospel is the subject, joy is the sequel. Gospel is the proclamation, and joy is the product. When a believer in Christ refuses to be monopolized by extraneous (trivial by comparison) things, and preaches the Gospel to himself and practices what he preaches, he will know the “joy unspeakable and full of glory” mentioned in Scripture (I Peter 1:8). Though the word “Gospel” occurs nine times in the brief letter to the Philippians, there is no definition of the word in this letter. Here, the impact of the Gospel in the world and in the lives of believers may be clearly seen. Four of the major “plots” of the “Gospel” may be vividly seen here—the Person of Christ, His Work of Redemption for sinners, His super-exaltation above all things, and how all of this is worked out in human experience.

Table of Contents

Chapter 13 Characteristics of a Christian

Chapter 14 The Disciple-Maker’s Final Balance Sheet

Chapter 15 The Transforming Friendship

Chapter 16 The Divine Drama of Salvation

Chapter 17 Wanted: Men Who Will Follow the Model

Chapter 18 What About Lost Church Members?

Chapter 19 A Colony of Heaven on Earth

Chapter 20 A Disciple’s Checkpoint

Chapter 21 The Infallible Sign of the Presence of God

Chapter 22 Christianity 101

Chapter 23 Something to Think About

Chapter 24 The Secret of Serenity

Chapter 25 Behind the Seens

Chapter 26 God’s Promise of Provision

Chapter 27 Saints Under Satan’s Nose

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Nothing is more vital to a Christian’s life than vision. If true vision, “the seeing of things from God’s point of view” is lost, or impaired, the Christian will stumble along in carnal darkness like a blind man.

A wise Christian will be aware of “vision-destroyers” and will do everything necessary to employ all known “vision-enhancers” to keep his spiritual vision clear.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Patern for Seeking Christ (Mk. 10:46-52)

Chapter 2: Letting a Blind Man be Our Guide (John 9:1-11)

Chapter 3: A Vital Vision (Isaiah 6:1-8)

Chapter 4: Faith’s Finest Formula (2 Cor. 3:18)

Chapter 5: The Importance of Illumination (Eph. 1:15-23)

Chapter 6: The Eight R’s of Vision (Hab. 2:1-3)

Chapter 7: The Importance of Taking a Second Look (Mk. 8:22-26)

Chapter 8: A Soaring Eagle Sees the Whole Picture

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Human Like Me

Chapter 2: His Riches to Rags Story

Chapter 3: Jesus: God’s Last and Best Word

Chapter 4: Why God Became Man

Chapter 5: From Throne to Throne by Way of Earth

Chapter 6: The Virgin Birth of Christ

Chapter 7: Christ’s Coming from His Own Viewpoint

Chapter 8: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Chapter  9: Lessons from the Lord’s Birth

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Table of Contents

1. A Complete Christmas

2. The Divine Bull’s-Eye or it Happened at Bethlehem

3. The Monster, The Magi, and the Monarch

4. Heaven’s Monogram or God’s Standard Procedure

5. Too Good to be False

6. The First Christmas Gifts

7. The Salvation Story

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Table of Contents

Portrait 1 – SON – Like Father, Like Son

Portrait 2 – SOLDIER – Born for Battle

Portrait 3 – ATHLETE – Running to Win in the Race of Life

Portrait 4 – FARMER – The Laws of the Harvest

Portrait 5 – WORKMAN – Lessons for Christ’s Harvest Hands

Portrait 6 – VESSES – God has a Market for Cracked Pots

Portrait 7 – SERVANT – Life at the Bottom of the Ship

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Table of Contents

1. The Christian – A Big Wheel

2. Life’s Most Glorious Facts

3. God’s Saving Secret

4. Guarding Our Greatest Treasure

5. A Call for Intercession

6. The Kingdom of Right Relationships

7. Wanted: Seed Sowers

8. When Jesus Looks at You

9. God’s Call to Dedicated Christian Living

10. The Transforming Friendship

11. The Closer the Look, The Greater the Book

12. Paying Attention to One Another

13. The Humans and Divine Ingredients in a True

14. Experience of Salation

15. The Believer’s Lifestyle – The Quiet Time

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. A Few Lessons Before Taking the Wheel

Chapter 2. At What Level Do You Listen to the Lord

Chapter 3. Christianity Condensed

Chapter 4. The Practical Value of the Word of God

Chapter 5. Prayer that Prevails

Chapter 6. Wanted: Men Who Will Model Christ

Chapter 7. His Last Words, His Last Will

Chapter 8. Does Obedience Produce Slavery or Freedom

Chapter 9. The Danger of Losing Sight of Jesus

Chapter 10. From Throne to Throne by Way of the Earth

Chapter 11. The Bible and Disciple-Making

Chapter 12. The Infinite Importance of Illumination

Chapter 13. The Church – The Body of Christ

Chapter 14. What Does a Genuine Salvation Experience Look Like

Chapter 15. Wanted – People Who Know the Ropes

Chapter 16. The Christian Race

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Holy Spirit – Who, Where, and Why?

Chapter 2: The Day of Pentacost

Chapter 3: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 4: The Holy Spirit and God’s Truth

Chapter 5: The Four Kinds of People God Sees on Earth

Chapter 6: The Importance of Illumination

Chapter 7: The Convicting Work of the Holy Spirit, the Necessary Preparation for Salvation

Chapter 8: Available Power for Available People

Chapter 9: The Imperative of the Spirit-filled Life

Chapter 10: A Formula for Spiritual Fullness

Chapter 11: A River Runs through It

Chapter 12: Shall we Gather at the River?

Chapter 13: Faith’s Finest Formula or Beholding by Becoming

Chapter 14: The Saddest of all Sins

Chapter 15: The Holy Spirit – Grieved or Gratified?

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Chapter 1: Your Daily Quiet Time

Chapter 2:  The Matter of an Intimate Relationship with God

Chapter 3:  Lessons to Carry to the Prayer Closet

Chapter 4:  Master Mottoes for Approaching God

Chapter 5:  Reading Prayer

Chapter 6:  Suggestions for Improving Your Daily Quiet Time

Chapter 7:  The Priority of Prayer

Chapter 8:  The Christian Life and Prayer

Chapter 9:  The Master’s Prayer

Chapter 10:  Prayer that Prevails

Chapter 11: Remember – And be Thankful

Chapter 12: The Prayer of Jabez

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Chapter 1: The Virgin Birth of Christ

Chapter 2:  There is No Life Without Birth

Chapter 3:  Riverside Revelations at the Baptism of Jesus

Chapter 4:  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 5:  The Temptation of Christ

Chapter 6:  The Anatomy of Temptation

Chapter 7:  The Transfiguration of Christ

Chapter 8:  Faith’s Finest Formula

Chapter 9:  Three Crosses

Chapter 10:  The Ultimate Secret of Our Union with Christ

Chapter 11: Son-Rise

Chapter 12: His Triumphal Entry Into Our Hearts

Chapter 13: The Ascension of Christ

Chapter 14: Living in the Heavenlies

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Chapter 1: The Fall of Man

Chapter 2: An Introduction to the Biblical Doctrine of Sin

Chapter 3: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Chapter 4: Salvation Made Plain

Chapter 5: A Salvation Symphony

Chapter 6: God’s Saving Secret

Chapter 7: Three Crosses

Chapter 8: The Salvation Story

Chapter 9: The Healing of a Haughty Leper

Chapter 10: What Does a Genuine Salvation Experience Look Like?

Chapter 11: The Siamese Twins of Salvation: Part One – Repentance

Chapter 12: The Siamese Twins of Salvation: Part Two – Faith

Chapter 13: Was Your Conversion Counterfeit Or Christian?

Chapter 14: The Four Kinds of People God Sees on Earth

Chapter 15: A Pattern for Seeking Christ

Chapter 16: Mercy Rewrote My Life