May 2015

Revelation 14 06

Dear Friends

Greetings in the Grand Name of Jesus.  Indeed, in the Name of God—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  I pray that you are well and happy in the Lord, and seeing the “much fruit” level of an abiding walk in/with Christ.

Recent years have slowly refined and redefined the word “busy” for me.  Earlier, and for many years, “busy” meant to be on-the-go, on-the-move, always mobilizing a heavy schedule, or “scheduling a heavy mobilization.”  Now, “busy” means more of a stay-at-home and be-ready lifestyle, or a short-trip mobility with heavy daily assignments in scheduled conferences or in short-stay stops along the route.  The “busy” at home means always prayerful, always studious, always prepping, always writing (and typing), always answering correspondence, always responding to requests from many pastors and leaders over the world,  and regularly teaching groups of men who come to my home for teaching sessions on Gospel Truth, Biblical texts (both long and short), with technical devotional details in every study, etc., etc.  Someone defined the typical Western-world rat-race as “hurry, scurry, flurry, worry, and BURY” (:< ))   <><     I think the key is to be sure that you are always “running with endurance THE RACE THAT IS SET BEFORE YOU” (Hebrews 12:1). The Christian life must be recognized to be an ACTIVE, AGGRESSIVE life, always facing the FINISH LINE, and following ONE INSPIRATION POINT (PERSON), “looking unto Jesus (actually the word “looking” is aphorao, which is “looking away from everything else unto Jesus), the Architect and Perfector of our faith”.  The gratifying result is to watch the many “equipped” men who are streaming out to the ends of the earth to make Jesus and His Strategy of Total World Impact “HAPPEN” everywhere they go.  After an early morning meeting in my home (5—6:45 a.m.) this morning, one of the disciple/disciplers, who is indeed impacting the world from distant “beachheads” in far countries, told me of yet another long trip coming soon to initiate a local burgeoning disciple-making movement on national soil there.  My heart rises in praise each time to think of this Army of men who are going, going, going, and always doing the same thing on the far-away turf when they arrive.

This month’s message “The Everlasting Gospel” is from Revelation 14:6.

May God continue to give each of you the desire of your heart as you CONTINUE TO DELIGHT IN HIM (Psalm 37:4).

Herb Hodges

Spiritual Life Ministries

2916 Old Elm Lane

Germantown, TN 38138

901 758 2777