Recommended Reading

On Disciple-making

  • Christopher Adsit — Personal Disciple-making
  • Leroy Eims – The Lost Art of Disciple-making
  • Robert Foster – The Navigator
  • Walter Henrichsen – Disciples Are Made Not Born
  • Betty Skinner – Daws
  • If you want to “test the waters” in reading about disciple-making, I would suggest
    that you begin with a topical analysis of the way Dawson Trotman built disciples, the
    book by Robert Foster entitled The Navigator.

    For Beginning Readers

    If you have never been an avid reader, I suggest that you begin slowly
    and “small”—i.e., read only smaller and easy-to-read books. Here is a brief suggested

  • Glyn Evans – Daily With the King (For daily devotional use)
  • C. S. Lewis – The Great Divorce (a great Christian fantasy, an
    investigation of the separation between Heaven and
    Hell, revealing why people in Heaven are there, and
    why people in Hell are there)
  • John Blanchard – Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
  • Jerry Bridges – Trusting God
  • For Advanced Readers

  • C. S. Lewis – Mere Christianity (neither heavy nor light, but just right)
  • John R. W. Stott – The Cross of Christ (should be read over & over)
  • Peter Kreeft – Knowing the Truth of God’s Love