Taking the Wheel for Disciple Making – Volume Two




Table of Contents

Chapter 1. A Few Lessons Before Taking the Wheel

Chapter 2. At What Level Do You Listen to the Lord

Chapter 3. Christianity Condensed

Chapter 4. The Practical Value of the Word of God

Chapter 5. Prayer that Prevails

Chapter 6. Wanted: Men Who Will Model Christ

Chapter 7. His Last Words, His Last Will

Chapter 8. Does Obedience Produce Slavery or Freedom

Chapter 9. The Danger of Losing Sight of Jesus

Chapter 10. From Throne to Throne by Way of the Earth

Chapter 11. The Bible and Disciple-Making

Chapter 12. The Infinite Importance of Illumination

Chapter 13. The Church – The Body of Christ

Chapter 14. What Does a Genuine Salvation Experience Look Like

Chapter 15. Wanted – People Who Know the Ropes

Chapter 16. The Christian Race