Holy Spirit




Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Holy Spirit – Who, Where, and Why?

Chapter 2: The Day of Pentacost

Chapter 3: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 4: The Holy Spirit and God’s Truth

Chapter 5: The Four Kinds of People God Sees on Earth

Chapter 6: The Importance of Illumination

Chapter 7: The Convicting Work of the Holy Spirit, the Necessary Preparation for Salvation

Chapter 8: Available Power for Available People

Chapter 9: The Imperative of the Spirit-filled Life

Chapter 10: A Formula for Spiritual Fullness

Chapter 11: A River Runs through It

Chapter 12: Shall we Gather at the River?

Chapter 13: Faith’s Finest Formula or Beholding by Becoming

Chapter 14: The Saddest of all Sins

Chapter 15: The Holy Spirit – Grieved or Gratified?