Looking Through the Eyes of a Disciple-Maker – Volume One


Have you ever accidentally come across a box of old letters in an attic? Multiplied millions of such letters must be stored in attics and closets around the world. I have in my library several volumes of letters written by renowned people. Some of them comprise very insightful and valuable reading to a Christian. However, none of them can match the importance of an old letter written by an old missionary nearly 2000 years ago, and kept in the old library of letters and books which we call the Bible. The old letter is a brief epistle written by the aging apostle Paul to a growing fellowship of Christian believers in the Roman colony of Philippi in what we now recognize as southern Europe. The letter to the Philippians is perhaps the greatest pastoral document ever written. Because it was written by a skilled disciple-maker, its purpose was to make and mature Christian disciples.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Living in Four Worlds

Chapter 2 Looking into the Heart of a Disciple-Maker

Chapter 3 Listening to the Prayer of a Disciple-Maker

Chapter 4 God’s Surprise Party for the Disciple-Maker

Chapter 5 A Prisoner’s Passion

Chapter 6 Christianity Condensed

Chapter 7 Earmarks of a Disciple-Maker

Chapter 8 A Disciple-Maker’s Desire for Unity

Chapter 9 From Throne to Throne by Way of the Earth

Chapter 10 Does Obedience Produce Slavery or Freedom?

Chapter 11 Timothy: A Role Model for Disciples and Disciple-Makers

Chapter 12 How Heaven Decorates Its War Heroes