Looking Through the Eyes of a Disciple-Maker – Volume Two


As we look through the eyes of the second greatest disciple-maker in history (Jesus being the greatest!), we see that two words dominate the book of Philippians. One is the word “Gospel”, the other is the word “joy”. Gospel is the subject, joy is the sequel. Gospel is the proclamation, and joy is the product. When a believer in Christ refuses to be monopolized by extraneous (trivial by comparison) things, and preaches the Gospel to himself and practices what he preaches, he will know the “joy unspeakable and full of glory” mentioned in Scripture (I Peter 1:8). Though the word “Gospel” occurs nine times in the brief letter to the Philippians, there is no definition of the word in this letter. Here, the impact of the Gospel in the world and in the lives of believers may be clearly seen. Four of the major “plots” of the “Gospel” may be vividly seen here—the Person of Christ, His Work of Redemption for sinners, His super-exaltation above all things, and how all of this is worked out in human experience.



Table of Contents

Chapter 13 Characteristics of a Christian

Chapter 14 The Disciple-Maker’s Final Balance Sheet

Chapter 15 The Transforming Friendship

Chapter 16 The Divine Drama of Salvation

Chapter 17 Wanted: Men Who Will Follow the Model

Chapter 18 What About Lost Church Members?

Chapter 19 A Colony of Heaven on Earth

Chapter 20 A Disciple’s Checkpoint

Chapter 21 The Infallible Sign of the Presence of God

Chapter 22 Christianity 101

Chapter 23 Something to Think About

Chapter 24 The Secret of Serenity

Chapter 25 Behind the Seens

Chapter 26 God’s Promise of Provision

Chapter 27 Saints Under Satan’s Nose